Are you one of those bettors who's always trying to figure out a way to get more bankroll, because you're betting losers? How would you like to make a substantial amount of money this football season?

Oh yea, there's a way.

While you're in college trying to hit the books, you can also be the book and perhaps put together a business that will be highly lucrative and alot of fun at the same time.

All over the country, and in fact around the world, sports betting is an activity that provides endless entertainment. We'd like to make it possible for you to offer that kind of entertainment for your fellow students and frat brothers.

Have you ever heard of Price Per Head? If you haven't, then pay attention, just like you would if you were studying for a calculus exam because that phrase is something that can help you get into the winner's circle.

You may not have been around long enough to understand this, but there has been an "old school" way of doing bookmaking (i.e., taking wagers for sports) that is going by the wayside. The "20th Century model" consisted of a physical office, with a bunch of guys taking phone calls, reading off lines, and writing down endless wagers on paper. When it came time for a big event, like the Super Bowl. If any operation was big enough, the cops came and busted down the door and had all the evidence they needed to make a "pinch".

How? Because it was a physical location with a paper trail.

That era is steadily coming to an end, because people in this business are operating in cyberspace, with a flexible back end, service that runs 24 hours a day, and oh yes, no paper trail. We are now in the 21st Century.

And that means this sportsbook business is all about Price Per Head.

Do you have a group of friends within your fraternity who place a wager or two on sports? Then you can get into business almost immediately. Take care of those guys yourself instead of the local "bookie", you become an "agent". You get to use the same sophisticated software and interface that the top online sportsbooks in the world use. You pay only for those customers who actually make bets with you, hence the term "price per head." You get to manage all of your player accounts online, and you make the decision as to how you're going to collect your money.

Hey let's face it - your friends and fellow students are going to want to "get down" this season. Your Frat brothers are going to be sitting in front of the big-screen TV watching the football games, because they all have action pending.

Don't you want to be the guy who profits from all of that, while at the same time providing a valuable service to them? Do you think you're ready?

We do. Simply fill out the quick registration form on the right of the screen and find out how easy it can be to put yourself into business overnight. Join one of our Price Per Head services approved by and enjoy this football season as it should be - from the winners circle.

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