is an offshore company with a number of talented individuals that have decades of experience in the sports betting field. We have seen it all when it comes to the Pay Per Head industry since its inception; from the frequent migration of Agents from one mediocre operation to another, to the top-notch operations that know exactly how to keep their valuable clientele on board for the long-run.

Using the savvy we have in this area, FratBookie has put together a group of the ten best shops as they cater to the PPH market and we have developed a reputation for credibility to the point where we send an operator a lead or potential customer, the associate is receiving a client that is potentially very valuable. We mean business when it comes to the Pay Per Head arena.

Since PPH has proven to be a winning business model, it is obviously quite popular, and as a result there is a great deal of competition within the industry. Because of that, we can, as a respected lead generator, secure a great introductory deal for new agents who are interested in entering this exciting business through

If your looking to test the waters, let us guide you through the process. In fact, let us steer you into a four week Free Trial with a trusted Per Head operator, which will be perfect with football season arriving. So if you are ready to get your feet wet and prefer not to make a financial commitment of any note, you can find out if this is the business for you, and if you wish to proceed, will broker the best possible deal for you like we do with each individual client we work with. We service from offices both in Costa Rica and Canada, and you can rest assured that we always know where the action is.

Start taking action and let the offshore experts handle the day to day operations, server maintenance, player accounting, and endless phone calls. Focus on growing your business and taking more time to enjoy the lucrative sports betting industry as it should be - from the winners circle.

Select from one of the three Pay Per Head services below Bronze, Silver, Gold or click on Free Trial to take advantage of the 4 week risk free offer from!