At we have compiled the most commonly asked questions regarding the Price Per Head business. If you are unable to find what your looking for below please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. If you have decided you are ready to start with a service, simply select from one of our Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages below.

Q: Is the PPH Service Legal?
A: Price Per Head shops operate in Costa Rica, Panama, and other offshore Countries. The services we recommend have in place a "data processing license" to legally operate a service that logs transactions both by the internet and phone. As an agent or bookie it is your responsability to understand the rules and regulations in whatever jurisdiction your operating from. The PPH operators you work with do not know where your players are from nor do they have any interest in where the agents are based. PPH operators do not receive money transactions for wagers, they "outsource" software to agents worldwide who can use their service for a wide variety of reasons.

Q: Is the PPH model only used for bookmakers or bookies who take action from players?
A: PPH is also applicable for "fantasy betting" or "office pool contests" in which most often an award is given at the end of a sports season. Again this is soley up to the agent who chooses to use the PPH service. For example a bar owner looking to increase sales and cleintele may use PPH during football season awarding the top three contestants a house prize (free drinks valued at $500 / free food valued at $500), etc.

Q: Are all PPH shops 100% focused on the per head business or do they also run post-up as well?
A: This is one of the most commonly asked questions at FratBookie. About 50% of the PPH shops out there also run post-up business on the side. This can often pose as a threat to new agents and also super agents (500 players and up). As the PPH shop begins to build a close relationship with your players, they may decide to "cherry pick" one or two valuable players from your package. At the majority of the PPH shops we recommend are 100% focused on growing your business and do not touch any post-up in order to protect you the agent from losing valuable players.

Q: Are PPH operations safe and secure?
A: The privacy and safety of your players figures and wagering activity is the #1 priority for PPH shops. All client information is kept 100% confidential and agent "names" or "phone numbers" are never shared as your business is highly valuable. A good size agent with 100 players and up is considered a VIP acct and this means protecting your contact information is critical to stay in business. Your players are each assigned a designated user ID and Password which is provided by the agent software platform. You have full control of assigning these player ID's as you wish, along with the password your players choose.

Q: What are the advantages of using the new PPH model - why not just continue running my business the oldshool way?
A: When you outsource your business offshore there are numerous advantages that can grow your business overnight. First of all you can offer endless betting options to your players from moving points, parlays and teasers, exotic wagering, if bets, and much more. On top of that you can provide full access to casino games and some PPH shops even offer online poker! You will no longer need to man the phones on a day to day basis and log wagers by hand or via your home computer. Your players place their action online where all wagers are stored on a secure offshore server, and phone calls are also routed to an offshore data processing center. Essentially you are doing three things by going with the PPH model; 1. Making your business model much more simple and easy to manage 2. Offering your players endless wagering options - giving them 24/7 action 3. Keeping all your sensitive player and agent information offshore - giving you peace of mind.

Q: How much does PPH cost and what is the best way to sign up?
A: The industry started several years ago when it was much easier to choose a top rated service. Now you will see PPH pricing as low as $5 with the high level of competition in the market place. This is because there are so many options out there and many of these new groups are looking to undercut the top rated operators. Also the low priced shops are originally post-up operations which means they REALLY want your business, not just to service PPH but also to potentially pick some players out of your group little by little each sports season. When you sign up with one of those $5 services be sure to ask "does your company strictly focus on PPH or do you also run post-up out of the same office?"

We have selected the top offshore operators and established working relationships to bring their standard pricing of $20-25 per head down to a modest level. Our bronze providers offer their service as low as $10 PPH which can be negociated if your coming on board with a mid to large size player package. The gold service starts at $15 PPH and this is also negotiable based on the amount of players you bring on board. Register today and be sure to mention when you speak to your account representative for VIP pricing and customer support.