There are some bookmaking operations that still don't understand they are existing in the 21st Century. They operate out of an office, employ a number of people at the location, take a lot of phone calls, and write down all the bets on a piece of paper. In other words, they pull a lot of exposure.

When you're in the Fraternity atmosphere, you've got enough guys around you in your own house. And you have enough in the way, of books to worry about. The least you could have is a trouble-free way to run your brand-new sports betting operation.

What you want is to be an "agent", not a "bookmaker."

So how do you do that?

Well, you set yourself up with a Pay Per Head provider, that's how.

Okay, we better explain how this process works from A to Z. First, it is necessary to talk about the structure of a standard online sportsbook.

This is a bit different than what we know as the traditional bookmaking model. When you're playing at an online sportsbook, you make a deposit in an account and you place wagers against that account. Then you can continue to play and maintain a balance. In other words, you "post up" money first and then play. You'll work through the website interface of the sportsbook, using their e-commerce system, or call into a customer service center and make the wager with one of their representatives.

When you deal with a bookmaker, in most cases you are playing on "credit", and after a designated period, you settle up on how much you won or lost. This happens on a face-to-face basis with the bookmaker himself or one of his agents.

The best way to describe Pay Per Head is that it combines some of the characteristics of both.

When you are an agent in a Pay Per Head enterprise, you are making a state-of-the-art website interface available to your customers, with a robust back end, and the exact same software that is used by world-class online sportsbooks such as Bookmaker, Bovada, and SBG Global. At the same time, you are in full control of how you settle up with your customers. You deal with them any way you want. And you also have all the back end controls that you want at your disposal, allowing you to manage your operation completely from a desktop computer or even a mobile device if you wish. No physical plant. No clerks in a stuffy office. No paper trail. A lot less exposure, and a lot more peace of mind.

And another great feature is that you don't have any limits whatsoever on when you're open. Most old school bookmaking operations open up and take phone calls a few hours at a time. When you are an agent in your own Pay Per Head business, you are open 24 hours a day. And if you want to make it sophisticated enough, not only can you accept wagers right through the finely-tuned sportsbook software, you can also arrange for your customers to phone into the offshore call center, where they can place their action with someone who is a trained, English-speaking professional.

Essentially, your hands off, while at the same time giving you as much control as you want. And that's a beautiful thing.

This is where you get to concentrate on what you do best, which is to network with all the people on campus who can put money into your pocket.

It's perfect for an operation of any size to "scale" in a hurry (if you're a business major, you'll understand that; if not, ask your professor). You get an opportunity to grow and market your business, with less time having to deal with the various headaches of software management. Simply put it's a more efficient business model, all the way around, a total win-win.

This is the NEW model; the one that works for you and your customers. Why don't you come aboard with FratBookie now? Simply fill out the quick registration form and we will gladly guide you every step of the way. If your not ready to invest in PPH software but still may be interested in a Free Trial we have that available as well. Simply click on the Free Trial option above for more information.

Who says you must wait till you graduate before you can start to hit it big in the business world?