Our Silver Per Head Services Provider best fits with the veteran bookmaker with several yours of experience and player packages ranging from you 10-20 players and up. Agents receive full access to sophisticated reporting via a private user name and password. Players are able to wager 24/7 via a front end website or mobile platform. A toll-free number is also available for those who prefer to place their action over the phone. Agents have the ability to set player profiles which include adjusting min / max per game, odds, and various other options.

To set up your player packages, simply fill out the form the quick registration form on the right. Our pre-approved Silver Per Head Service Provider will contact you by email first and follow up with a courtesy call to make sure you received all their company information. Simply include your preferred agent name, email, and contact number along with the best time to reach you. Within the next 24 hours your players will be set up with complete wagering access and you will be taking action just in time for the peak season (NFL Football)!

Start taking action today and let the offshore experts handle the day to day operations, server maintenance, player accounting, and endless phone calls. Focus on growing your business and taking more time off to enjoy the lucrative sports betting industry as it should be - on the winning side.

A complimentary two week free trial is available for qualified agents. Be sure to ask management regarding this exclusive promotion and mention FratBookie.com for VIP treatment.

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